Dispute Resolution Scheme - Volunteer Consultation

Closed 13 Jun 2019

Opened 16 Apr 2019


This consultation is aimed at helping Fire and Emergency New Zealand design a Dispute Resolution Scheme (“the Scheme”).  We have proposed a design for the Scheme and ask some questions about different aspects of the proposal.  We also ask some questions about aspects of the Scheme that we are open to considering. 

The Scheme can be used by both members of the public and Fire and Emergency volunteers [1].

We are seeking feedback from anyone who is interested in the Scheme, including Fire and Emergency volunteers, Fire and Emergency employees and members of the public.  To ensure that we meet our obligations to volunteers, this consultation has been tailored to volunteers’ interests.  A separate consultation aimed at members of the public is available here. Both consultations contain the same Scheme design however and are accessible to everyone.  You are wecome to complete both consultations if you wish.

This consultation contains 11 questions.  You can access each section of the consultation and answer as many questions as you like.  We estimate it will take 40 minutes to read the entire consultation and complete all of the questions.  However, you do not need to complete all of the questions in the consultation to submit your views.  If you want to complete all sections of the consultation, it would be greatly appreciated.  

The consultation closes at 5pm on 30 May 2019, so please be sure to submit your responses before then, so that we can take your feedback into consideration.

[1] Fire and Emergency employees are excluded from using the scheme for matters that may be raised under the Employment Relations Act.  This exclusion is prescribed by Section 178 of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017.

Why We Are Consulting

Under the Fire and Emergency NZ Act 2017, we are required to have a dispute resolution scheme.  We are also required to apply to the Minister for approval of the Scheme.  The Act also requires us to consult the people who are likely to be substantially affected by the approval of the Scheme before seeking the Minister’s approval.

What Happens Next

All submissions received by the closing date will be taken into consideration as we finalise our proposed Scheme design.  We will put that Scheme design to the Minister of Internal Affairs for consideration and approval.  We will also write the rules for the Scheme and publish them on our website when the Scheme goes live later this year.   

Official Information Act and Privacy Act 

Submissions may be subject to a request to Fire and Emergency under the Official Information Act 1982. Personal details can be withheld under this Act, including names and addresses. If you or your group do not want any information contained in your submission to be released, you need to make this clear in the submission and explain why. For example, you might want some information to remain confidential because it is commercially sensitive or personal. Fire and Emergency will take your views into account when responding to information requests.  

The Privacy Act 1993 governs how Fire and Emergency collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information about submitters and their applications. Submitters have the right to access and correct personal information. 


  • Anyone from any background


  • Dispute resolution
  • Complaint resolution
  • Employment Relations
  • Conflict resolution
  • Volunteer firefighting